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Read a Great New Mystery: "Faces of the Gone" by Brad Parks.

Reading Brad Parks' book Faces of the Gone is great fun.  The book is engaging, fast paced, witty and wry; it is pure reading entertainment.

The story takes place in Newark, New Jersey.  Four bodies are found in a vacant lot, each killed by a single shot to the head.  Thirty-one-year old Carter Ross, investigative newspaper reporter for the Newark Eagle-Examiner, is told by his editor to "get to the bottom of what the hell happened".  Carter, with the aide of his Facebook-obsessed intern, heads out into the street to do just that.

As Carter works the story for "the bird", as locals refer to the Eagle-Examiner, he tries to discover what links the murder victims together.  While he snoops around for the story, we meet an assortment of characters:  Small-business owners, gang-bangers, strippers, grandmothers, and newspaper folks.  Carter's observations on the newspaper business and the characters who work in it provide an entertaining back story to his investi…