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Fabulous Fiction

Looking for something to read? This is a list of some books that I love and highly recommend. The list is not in any particular order. If you check here frequently, note that when I add books to the list, I put them at the top.

Dog Stars: Tremendous novel by Pete Heller about a man who has survived a flu pandemic that killed everyone he loved. Now he is trying to survive in a dangerous and painful world. A moving and absorbing book. You'll love it.

Bel Canto: Mesmerizing novel by Ann Patchett about love and longing and crisis. Read it while sitting outside on the porch during a stretch of hot summer weather, a cold drink at your side; you will be wound into its grip.

City of Thieves: When someone asks me to recommend a book, this novel by David Benioff is always the first book I suggest. Everyone should read it, in my opinion.

Love Warps the Mind a Little: This terrific novel by John Dufresne will make you laugh, cry and grateful that there are such talented authors and wonderful books.

A Gentleman in Moscow: Witty and highly entertaining novel about a Russian count sentenced by Russian Bolsheviks to house arrest in a plush Moscow hotel for the crime of writing an incendiary poem. A gem of a novel by Amor Towles, who also wrote the wonderful novel The Rules of Civility, which I think you should also read.

Black Swan Green: My favorite David Mitchell book.

The Whistling Season: I think this is Ivan Doig's very best book. I gave it to one of my aunt's who said, "I wish the book would never end." Yes, it is very good.

Beat the Reaper: This wild book by Josh Bazell is like no other; it is a must read. Zany, profane, violent, and amazing. You will love it.

The Middlesteins: This portrait of a family by Jami Attenberg is comic, tragic and completely engaging. An engaging novel.

Dope Thief: Brilliant story about two low-life thieves. Great crime fiction from Dennis Tafoya.

Last Summer of the Camperdowns by Elizabeth Kelley. Dysfunctional family and murder mystery.

Memoirs of an Invisible Man: In this 1987 novel by H.F. Saint, a yuppie accidentally becomes invisible. It's not as much fun as you might think. But reading about it is great fun.

The collected works of Robertson Davies: Some of these novels you will love more than others, but reading all is a fabulous experience. Explore!

Water for Elephants: Forget about the movie. Sara Gruen's book is fabulous.

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere: Outstanding short story collection by Z.Z. Packer.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: My favorite read for banned books week! By Stephen Chbosky.

Olive Kitteridge: Linked stories about a complex woman. Great novel by Elizabeth Strout.

The Blind Assassin: By Margaret Atwood, one of the most amazing novels I've ever read. I think I may read it again now.

The Master Butchers Singing Club: Life in North Dakota after World War I; great characters and a fabulous story from Louise Erdrich. [Okay, read everything by Louise Erdrich!]