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Busy weekend, but still time to read.

It's a long, busy holiday weekend.  Yet even when the days are jammed with activities, there are still bits of time to squeeze in some reading.  As time allows, I'm going to start reading The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers and have Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan on deck.

The Yellow Birds was a finalist for the 2012 National Book Award for fiction, and Sweet Tooth is on many lists of the best books of the year.

All in all, a very merry situation.

Put a Little Kick in Your Eggnog with Holiday Tunes from Matt Wilson.

We're starting off a jazzy holiday weekend by listening to Matt Wilson's Christmas Tree-O.

It is not your average interpretation of holiday music.  Check it out.

Music We Like: "Solo Guitarra" by José Luis Montón.

I highly recommend checking out the beautiful, rich, and accessible flamenco music from Spanish artist José Luis Montón on his new album, Solo Guitarra.  It is the perfect music to enjoy while sipping your Sunday morning coffee, or late at night in front of the fire.  Mr. Montón's expressive and skillful performance is amazing.

If you are still looking for a holiday gift for someone who enjoys music, this could be it.

"The Darlings" by Cristina Alger: Because white-collar criminals have family, too.

The Darlings by Cristina Alger is an entertaining and suspenseful read.  Set aside your skepticism about reading a novel concerning a wealthy, society family brought down low by its patriarch's criminal involvement in a Bernie Madoff-style Ponzi scheme.  Set aside your skepticism about toting around a book called "The Darlings".  If you are looking for a good airplane read, beach book, or snowy-winter weekend escape, check out this novel.

Events in The Darlings take place in New York City over Thanksgiving weekend.  The Darling family learns that Morton Reis is dead. Morty, the book's Bernie Madoff figure, was the head of Reis Capitol Management and a close friend and business associate of Carter Darling.  Carter Darling and his partners run Delphic, a Wall Street investment firm.  Morty's death will, as Carter's lawyer cautions Carter, have fallout.  And indeed it does.

Carter's firm is deeply involved in Morty's phony finances.  With Morty gone, the…

Grammy Nomination for "This One's for Him: A Tribute to Guy Clark."

One of my favorite albums has been nominated for a Grammy in the folk album category.  Here is my earlier post on the terrific This One's for Him:  A Tribute to Guy Clark.

Mystery Fans: Check out the titles submitted thus far for the 2013 Edgar Awards.

Here is a link to the list of books submitted thus far to the Mystery Writers of America for consideration as potential nominees for the 2013 Edgar Awards.

You gotta luv a mystery!