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Feeling Mediterranean? Then Try Reading Marco Vichi's Mystery Books.

All the news reports this week about the health benefits of following a Mediterranean diet have prompted me to start reading Marco Vichi's novel, Death and the Olive Grove (Inspector Bordelli 2). I greatly enjoyed the first book in this series, Death in August.

A good book and, perhaps, a glass of red wine sound healthy to me.

Essential Reading: "Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us" by Michael Moss.

If you shop at a grocery store, if you've ever consumed an entire bag of chips in one sitting, if you eat, then you must read Sugar Salt Fat:  How the Food Giants Hooked Us.  In it author Michael Moss explains how the huge profits in cheap processed foods drive the the aggressive development and sale of these manufactured items (I hate to call it 'food').  It is fascinating reading.

As consumers, we are certainly aware of how aggressively manufactured food is marketed.  Advertising for chips and snacks is ubiquitous.  However, Moss goes beyond marketing and looks at the tremendous amount of science that goes into creating processed food.  Frito-Lay, for example, at one point employed nearly five hundred chemists, psychologists and technicians working to perfect its chips, including a $40,000 devise that stimulated a chewing mouth to test and perfect chips.  These scientists are not working with remarkable ingredients, just salt, fat, sugar, and some starch and spices. Wha…