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Friday, July 18, 2008

Highly Recommended Reading: "Caught Stealing" by Charlie Houston

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Caught Stealing
moves with speed and excitement, like this wind surfer on Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin.

A good book to consider escaping into this weekend is Caught Stealing by Charlie Houston. Set on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Caught Stealing rolls along at a fast pace after protagonist Hank Thompson agrees to take care of his neighbor's cat. From this seemingly insignificant decision, mayhem ensues for Hank as he deals with mugs and thugs, violence and murder. Throughout this wild ride of a plot, you'll be rooting for Hank, the semi-down-and-out but likable hero. If you are a fan of movies by Quentin Tarantino, you will definitely like Caught Stealing (2004 Random House).

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