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Sunday, July 13, 2008

In Which We Consider a Former Green Bay Great

Retired Green Bay Packer quarterback Brett Favre is in the news this week as he tells the sporting world that he wants to continue playing football. A time line of this saga is outlined at the end of a story by Jason Wilde in today's Wisconsin State Journal.

What's a Packer fan to do during this time of uncertainty? Escape from it by reading, or re-reading as the case may be, Instant Replay, The Green Bay Diary of Jerry Kramer.
Actually, you don't have to be a Packer fan, or even a football fan, to enjoy Jerry Kramer's story of his life as a Packer during the 1967 season. Kramer's book is an engaging, and often funny, look at adults performing in pressure-filled jobs on a big stage.

In the introduction Kramer writes: "I want this diary to have a happy ending. After all, this isn't Hamlet, and I'm not Shakespeare. I'm a professional football player." Perhaps that's a sentiment to remember when considering Mr. Favre.

My 1968 edition of Instant Replay, left, pictures Jerry Kramer and Coach Vince Lombardi on the dust jacket's back cover. A new edition of the book was published in 2006.

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