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Monday, July 21, 2008

McCain: Media are mean to me, too!

The McCain for President camp was apparently envious of the attention and free media generated for Senator Barack Obama by last week's New Yorker magazine flap.

Seeking to get into the spin, Senator McCain submitted to the New York Times an op-ed piece containing political boilerplate. The Drudge Report published the op-ed piece in full. The newspaper said, 'no thank you, but please try again after you fix some problems,' giving the McCain people an opportunity to gnash teeth and pull hair over the injustice of it all.

Getting rejected by the NYT could be the just the boost Sen. McCain needs to show his conservative chops.

A.P. report: New York Times defends not running McCain op-ed

Fox News' 'fair and balanced' coverage of the matter: McCain Campaign: New York Times Blocked Op-Ed Response to Obama.

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