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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Food and Drink

These delicious apples were grown at Weston's Antique Apple Orchard and purchased from the Weston's last Saturday at the Dane County Farmers' Market in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Weston's location at the Market can be found by using this interesting, interactive map at the Wisconsin State Journal site.

At the Market now, there is fresh, wonderful garlic to be found. It makes the stuff sold at the grocery store seem like plastic.

To celebrate the fresh garlic season, we attended a party where all of the food served used garlic as an ingredient. I baked spicy cheese bread with garlic for the event. The garlic I used came from Tad Gedko, who sells at the Dane County Market and, last week, was located on the West Washington Street and South Carroll Street corner. The garlic was terrific, with nice, large cloves.

Fresh garlic does not need a lot of fuss. The whole garlic bulb can be roasted and the resulting creamy, mild cloves then spread on good bread from your favorite store (or, if you are lucky, your favorite home baker!). Importantly, save your money and kitchen space and do not buy a special pan to roast garlic. It is absolutely unnecessary. Just use aluminum foil and a pan you already own that works in your oven. Then, enjoy your garlic and bread with a nice German riesling from the Mosel region.

If you want something to read with what you eat, check out Alimentum, The Literature of Food. Alimentum is published twice a year. It is a fun collection of fiction and nonfiction, poetry, illustrations, and other treats about food. The summer 2008 edition has work from 33 authors. The editing of the collection is very well done. (alimentum: a Latin noun for 'nourishment')

Now, close your eyes, and recall how it sounded when the late, great, Julia Child said the following: bon appetit!

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