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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Food and Drink

The Splendid Table, a public radio program that is both entertaining and informative, had a particularly interesting episode this week (August 23). To begin, there was discussion about at what temperature to serve red wine (short answer: warmer than you refrigerator, but cooler than room temperature if the room is at 65- 70 degrees).

In addition to that discussion, the big idea from the broadcast is instruction on the correct method to steel a kitchen knife from Chad Ward, author of An Edge in the Kitchen, The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Knives. Listen to the program - the directions are very simple (frankly, it would take me longer to type it out than for you to listen to the broadcast). Go to the link above and scroll down to Kitchen Knives.

Finally, there is a discussion about Japanese scotch. It sounds delicious.

Check out the complete broadcast - an easy but delicious idea for pasta is presented during that portion of the show where folks call-in with questions.

Per usual, close your eyes, and recall how it sounded when the late, great, Julia Child said the following: bon appetit!