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Friday, August 1, 2008

T.G.I.F. and Round-Up of Last Month's Recommendations

Snowball flowers on the hydrangea, not the dreaded icy stuff.

Today is August 1st. How can that be? In four weeks it's Labor Day Weekend. And the day after Labor Day it will SNOW.

Still, there is no need to worry today about winter's gasping, grey, choke-hold that will engulf the nation in just a few weeks. No, instead let's review what we read in July:

Highly Recommended Reading:

The End of Manners, by Francesca Marciano
Caught Stealing, by Charlie Houston
The Whistling Season, by Ivan Doig
Drinking Coffee Elsewhere, by Z.Z. Packer
A Year in Provence, by Peter Mayle
My Life in France, by Julia Child and Paul Prud'Homme
The Apprentice: My Life in the Kitchen, by Jacques Pepin

Recommended Reading:

The Oxford Murders, by Guillermo Martinez
Good Calories, Bad Calories
, by Gary Taubes


Edgar Sawtelle
by David Wroblewski

And finally, books I've started but haven't finished for one reason or another, and probably won't pick-up again until I'm considering whether or not to take them along for reading on vacation:

The Art of Political Murder, by Francisco Goldman
The Other, by David Guterson