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Friday, August 15, 2008


"Living well is the best revenge." George Herbert (poet, clergyman, 1503-1622).

Right now, the financial ability of many Americans to live well is getting tougher. Home values keep falling, the stock market is dragging down savings, and inflation is giving workers a de facto salary cut. "In July, rank-and-file workers — those in production or nonsupervisory roles — earned 3.1 percent less than they did a year ago, after adjusting for the rising cost of living," the New York Times reports.

While domestic matters in the U.S. are stressful, international events this week became more difficult as Russia decided that since it has always been an imperial empire (with its imperialism at times called Marxist globalism), it would continue to act as one.

What can be done about these problems? I plan to do what I can to help elect the candidate of my choice for President, Senator Barack Obama. I'm going to ask my representatives to Congress to do all that they can to make sure that the current occupants of the White House don't do anything extreme, anything that we will all regret deeply, during the remainder of their term.

Beyond that, I am going to do as George Herbert advised to do in the face of difficulty: live well. Enjoy the beautiful weather this August in Wisconsin, enjoy time with friends and family, read good books, ride a bike to the local public library and get movies for Saturday night, and feast on the bounty now available at the local farmers' market.

Let's all try to live well this weekend! T.G.I.F.