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Monday, September 15, 2008

David Foster Wallace

Author David Foster Wallace, 46, was found dead at his home last Friday night. Wallace reportedly committed suicide. Here is one summary of his work from the New York Times:

"David Foster Wallace used his prodigious gifts as a writer — his manic, exuberant prose; his ferocious powers of observation, his ability to fuse avant garde techniques with old-fashioned moral seriousness — to create a series of strobe-lit portraits of a millennial America overdosing on the drugs of entertainment and self-gratification, and to capture, in the words of the musician Robert Plant, the myriad “deep and meaningless” facets of contemporary life."

The only work by Mr. Wallace that I've read is a collection of essays in Consider the Lobster. I enjoyed the book (even with its extensive use of footnotes).

It's a sad end to the life of Mr. Wallace, who was successful in a difficult field.