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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Food and Drink

Quick: Who would be a more competent leader of this nation, Sarah Palin or Martha Stewart?

My answer is Martha Stewart. Martha has that little felony conviction issue, of course, but should that disqualify her? (I don't know if there is any statute prohibiting the President or V.P. from having a felony conviction; shoot me an email if you do know). The conviction may make it impractical for her to be VP. Wait a minute. What am I thinking? With the selection of Sarah Palin it's clear that there are no barriers when it comes to becoming a GOP nominee!

The point is that American knows more about Martha Stewart and her decision making process than we know about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. And based upon Ms. Stewart's record, we know that she just would not endorse something, such as war, unless it met her rigorous standards.

We can count on Martha Stewart. For example, are you looking for an excellent lemon meringue pie? Her recipe for Mile High Lemon Pie, found in The Martha Stewart Cook Book and pictured above, is the best. The meringue on my pie burned a bit, which is not Martha's fault.

In sum, we know that Ms. Stewart is competent and capable. Sarah Palin . . . not so much.

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