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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Recommended Reading: "Play Dead" by David Rosenfelt

Sometimes all the brain can handle is a breezy mystery novel. In those circumstances, Play Dead by David Rosenfelt fills the bill.

Set in New Jersey, the story begins with defense attorney Andy Carpenter using the law to prevent a dog from being put down. The dog turns out to be the key to reopening another case, one involving a man Andy believes to be wrongly convicted of murder. Andy and his team set about getting Richard Evans a new trial, and finding the evidence to show that Evans didn't kill his fiancee -- or his dog.

Rosenfelt puts a lot of material into 300 pages. Golden Retrievers, mobsters, thugs, reporters, conspiracies, shootings, kidnapping, explosions, government cover-ups, and what must be one of the shortest closing statements ever in a murder trial, are all part of this fast moving story. There are some bumpy elements to the writing. But for simple escapism, Play Dead is a fun book to read with a plot that will keep you guessing.

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