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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Final Debate

The debates are over. Let's set aside the issues for a moment and consider something completely superficial: when did John McCain have cosmetic eye lift surgery? No 72 year old human has his wide-eye look without medical assistance.

Only a few more weeks until the election. I voted by absentee ballot last Tuesday - city hall was jumpin' with people registering to vote, filling out absentee ballots, and bringing in completed ballot materials. It was exciting!

Election day will be busy, so you may want to take a look at your calendar and consider whether or not completing an absentee ballot now makes sense for you.

Eye Up-Date: The Huffington Post also has a snippet about Senator McCain's eyes, but this concerns his frequent blinking. According to one study, "For eight U.S. presidential elections during the period 1960-2004, the rapid blinker during debates received fewer overall votes than his opponent. In seven of these eight elections, the rapid blinker also lost the electoral vote and was defeated at the polls." Dang - that piece of information takes all the drama out of who will win the election. Guess I should have added "spoiler alert" to this post's title.

Eye Up-Date II: Check this out and you be the judge:

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