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Friday, October 24, 2008

Gone Fishing

Might be a good day to go fishing, what with the global stock markets all messed up and Lute Olson suddenly retiring as coach of the Arizona Wildcats. At a minimum, an afternoon off is warranted, particularly if you consider yourself to be a liberal. Representative Robin Hayes (R. N.C.) says that "liberals hate real Americans who work", the LA Times reports. So heck, why put in a full day at the salt mine yourself, liberals? Reminds me of that Hoyt Axton song, "Work your fingers to the bone whadda you get? Boney fingers."

Representative Hayes and the slate of Republicans running for office this year, including Senator McCain, Governor Palin and Rep. Bachmann of Minnesota, have been saying and doing a lot of wacky things in the past week. For those who are hard working, patriotic, pro-American and totally offended by and opposed to the rantings of these folks, here is an idea: Put up the 'gone fishin' sign, take the afternoon off and, if you haven't already done so, go cast your early ballot for Senator Barack Obama for President, and then go have a long lunch with friends.


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