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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Highly Recommended Reading: Jamie Harrison

"Tumacacori Pony"
Amy Dixon

When working on the picture above, I kept thinking "edge of the crazies, edge of the crazies", which was not necessarily the way I was feeling, but is actually the name of a fun mystery book by Jamie Harrison.

In Edge of the Crazies, Ms. Harrison debuts Jules Clement, archeologist-turned -sheriff out of Blue Deer, Montana. The day-to-day work by Jules and his team, addressing the weirdness that is small town life, is ramped up when a murder occurs involving wealthy newcomers to Montana. The writing in Edge of the Crazies is first rate, the plot and characters engaging, and the author's combination of mystery and humor is just right.

All of Ms. Harrison's books featuring Jules Clement have been a pleasure to read; if only there were more of them. These "Jules" are scarce, but well worth your time.

Edge of the Crazies (1995)

Going Local (1996)

An Unfortunate Prairie Occurrence (1998)

Blue Deer Thaw (2000)