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Friday, October 3, 2008

Revised: Food, Drink and Two Recommended Readings

Due to the mysterious technical elements associated with blogs, Wednesday's post on Heirloom, by Tim Stark, and Population 485, by Michael Perry, became hopelessly scrambled this morning. I don't know why this happened and, at the moment, my intellectual curiosity on the matter is at zero. Accordingly, and under the operating principle of "forward forever, backward never", that post won't be recreated in full.

Briefly, in Heirloom author Tim Stark recounts his experiences in transforming from a New York consultant into a tomato farmer. Stark returned home to "his mother's backyard", fallow farmland in Eckerton, Pennsylvania, to grow heirloom varieties of tomatoes. His successful venture resulted in his 'ugly' tomatoes being served in the fanciest restaurants in New York City.

Similarly, in Population 485, author Michael Perry returns home to New Auburn, Wisconsin, to find success and personal happiness. In Perry's excellent book, he describes returning to the small town he grew-up in and reintegrating with the community by joining the fire and rescue squad. Population 485 and Heirloom share a similar feeling, with both authors adjusting to a return to their childhood homes to find happiness as an adult. Perry's book is particularly well-written.

With tomatoes on my mind and cooler temperatures on the way, Wednesday seemed like a good time to make soup. It still is.

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