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Friday, October 31, 2008

The Story of Pearl Hart

Seventeen-year-old Pearl met "met a handsome, smooth-talking gambler with a reputation as a con man and layabout. " The two ran off together, and a fast life began for Pearl Hart. She later left husband Hart, who was also a mean drunk, and went on to a life involving robbery, and running a ring of criminals. Pearl's story of life in the fast lane, circa 1900, is presented in an article by Kimberly Matas in today's Arizona Daily Star.

Pearl Hart loved the cowboy lifestyle, and even did a stint in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, writes Ms. Matas. She was "a bawdy, hard-drinking woman who could cuss with the best of the cowboys, but she loved her mother." Guess Ms. Hart didn't merely put cracks in the glass ceiling.

Pearl Hart followed her own path.

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