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Monday, November 3, 2008

Revolutionary Times

Jonathan Karl reviews Samuel Adams: A Life by Ira Stoll in today's Wall Street Journal. Mr. Adams led an exciting life as a "rabble-rouser, wordsmith, strategist and defender of liberty", agitating for colonial America's independence from Great Britain. For example, Mr. Adams coined the term Boston Massacre for the 1770 event, and in his capacity as spin doctor and strategist, penned over 20,000 words on the subject for various Boston newspapers. He was behind what ultimately became known as the Boston Tea Party.

In his review Mr. Karl writes, "[the author] makes a convincing case that Samuel Adams is not just the most underrated of the Founders but also one of the most admirable, down-to-earth and principled (he worked to abolish slavery)."

If Samuel Adams: A Life is as interesting a read as Mr. Karl's review of it, it will certainly be highly recommended reading.

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