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Monday, December 22, 2008

Recommended Reading: "People Who Walk in Darkness" by Stuart M. Kaminsky

People Who Walk in Darkness by Stuart Kaminsky is a perfect little mystery. This should be no surprise. Kaminsky is a prolific and successful author.

According to his web site, Kaminsky has had published a staggering number of novels, biographies, textbooks, and short stories, and he has an extensive list of screenwriting credits. He has won an Edgar and the Prix De Roman D'Adventure of France, and he has been nominated for a Shamus Award and a McCavity Readers Choice Award.

Within this body of work are several lines of mysteries: the Lew Fonesca mysteries (six books after the 2009 publication of Bright Futures), the Abe Liberman mysteries (11 books), the Toby Peters mysteries (24 books), and the Porfiry Rostnikov novels (15 books). People Who Walk in Darkness is an Inspector Porfiry Rostnikov mystery.

People Who Walk in Darkness reflects the author's experience and competence. Readers are quickly and capably drawn into a very satisfying puzzle. In Moscow, Inspector Porfiry Petrovich Rostnikov and his team of investigators have been given nine days to solve three mysteries: the torture-murder of two South Africans, the murder of a prostitute in an expensive private car on a train, and the death of a Canadian geologist in Siberia. Only one thing unifies the three assignments: diamonds. Failing to resolve these mysteries will result in Inspector Rostnikov and his team being thrown to the political wolves.

Kaminsky expertly spins out and then resolves the mysteries. Mixed into the intrigue are interesting back stories about the Inspector, his team, and life and politics in the former Soviet Union. For mystery fans looking for a good yarn to enjoy on a cold winter night, People Who Walk in Darkness is recommended reading.