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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Be Like FDR

President Franklin D.Roosevelt's favorite cocktails are exactly the same as your favorites.

Okay, technically all I know is that they are exactly the same as mine, but perhaps you will agree with me and FDR. According to Slate, the President's number one cocktail was the Martini made with gin, of course, because it's not a Martini if it's not gin.

Vodka drinkers: Please do not ask for a vodka Martini. It is a drink that does not exist. If you are too embarrassed to say "I want a big glass of cold vodka, straight-up", then re-think you drink.

The President's number two choice in cocktails was the Old Fashioned. He enjoyed his Old Fashioned with bourbon. This is likely due to geography. FDR was from the East, where bourbon is the popular mixer. Wisconsin prefers brandy. In my opinion, bourbon is perfectly fine in an Old Fashioned, although asking for it deeply confuses Wisconsin bartenders. To expedite delivery of said drink - and delay in the delivery of cocktails is never desirable - I order the brandy version in the Dairy State.

This news settles matters: A biography of President Roosevelt is going to be added to my reading list. I seek recommendations on this topic.

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