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Friday, February 27, 2009

I'd Rather Write It Down

Tiger Woods has been eliminated from the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship, which is being held this week in Marana, Arizona. As a result, watching the tournament on t.v. this weekend has fallen off of my 'must do' list.

Tiger Wood and caddy Steve Williams last Tuesday at the Accenture Championship.

So this Friday morning I'm revising my to-do list. This is no burden as I love making lists. Every project starts with a pad and pen. Electronics are no substitute for writing a list of items on paper. I enjoy seeing the yellow legal pad marked-up with blue ink from the felt-tip pen.

Also, paper leaves a trail. I love finding old lists jammed in calendars and desk drawers: the list from a painting project (Navajo White and Clear Moon); the menu list from Christmas dinner; the list of folks to invite to a party; the list of items to pack for our beach vacation.

The trick, of course, is to consult the list once it is made. Without consultation, you end up with conversations like this:

Did you buy beer?

No! Dang! I forgot.

But wasn't it on the grocery list?

Yes, but I didn't look at the list while I was at the store.

These are the kind of conversations that have the effect of making you feel daffy. And unless you are Gracie Allen, daffiness is to be avoided and consulting the list is key.

So here are a few items on my weekend list thus far:

  1. Make beef shanks for Sunday dinner.
  2. Attend watercolor exhibit at local gallery.
  3. Call Carrie about walking Saturday morning.
  4. Library.
This looks good so far: The list has activities with friends, good food planned, and the opportunity to find a good book to read.

Oh -- and I gotta remember to buy some beer!



  1. We share the same concept Amy. I do write my list(s). I love using the pen and the paper pad or a block note. I have so many of them at home and only a few are completely full as I rush to buy new ones.

  2. List making is definitely a shared trait, I live by them. I love rewriting my Christmas lists each time I shop or mail.

    I am just a little concerned that your list doesn't include something about Margaritas and next Friday night!

  3. Khaled, I have a bunch of note pads going at the same time. It's fun to discover one that has been tucked away somewhere and find that the ideas and the writing are good. Having a lot of half-filled notebooks is essential for writers - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!

  4. Amber, Not to worry. Next Friday there will be tequila! Viva Margarita!