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Friday, February 20, 2009

That Gal Greta Van Susteren

It's Friday afternoon and time for a catty moment: Did you see Greta Van Susteren try to bash President Obama while she interviewed former-President Bill Clinton (this post will not examine the wisdom of, or motivation for, Mr. Clinton's appearance on a Fox News program)? Think Progress has the whole story.

Van Susteren inaccurately complained that President Obama was visiting only states he won in the general election. “He’s hit…Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Colorado,” she said. "It looks like a reward." She didn't mention Arizona, Senator McCain's home state - which McCain won - and Mr. Clinton corrected her on that.

Think Progress looked at the election numbers for the specific areas the President recently visited:

Elkhart County, IN: Obama lost 44 to 56 percent
Lee County, FL: Obama lost 45 to 55 percent
Fairfax County, VA: Obama won 60 to 39 percent
Denver County, CO: Obama won 75 to 23 percent
Maricopa County, AZ: Obama lost 44 to 55 percent

I don't see any big "reward" here, Ms. Greta.

Anyway, her complaint is beyond silly; Greta, please - if you are going to be a political assassin ya gotta be sharp, not silly. Voters in states that went for President Obama were signaling that they wanted new policies. The President is reporting back that he is implementing the change that was requested. It's called communication. That's how the system works for elected officials who aren't George Bush.

Greta is from Appleton, Wisconsin, a politically conservative part of my state. As a result, she's probably comfortable being on Fox News. Appleton was also the home of United States Senator Joseph McCarthy who was famous in the 1950s for accusing people, including his colleagues, of being Communists. McCarthy was not able to back-up all those charges. Perhaps Greta should keep in mind, too, the need for real, solid, truthful speech in the media.

And enough with the cosmetic surgery! Greta, you are 54: Seek to have some grace and elegance to match your age.

Meow, meow, meow.


  1. I agree with you Amy. I noticed that some media started already to go after President Obama. Fox News is understandable any thing they say but the other medias give me and president Obama a break!
    He has been only in office for just a month and he is trying his best, at least that what I feel. I do not know what people are expecting from him to do in such short period with all that mess inherited from the previous administration... Maybe go back to the future!!!