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Monday, March 9, 2009

Police Blotter: Wisconsin. Where Beer is a Serious Matter

From the City of Madison Police Incident Report:

"Early Saturday morning a 20-year old . . . man was dancing with a female acquaintance at a downtown nightclub, when the woman accidentally spilled some beer on the suspect's shoulder. He [the suspect] quickly became angry and confronted the victim [the 20-year old guy]. The victim did not want trouble, and offered to get the suspect a beer. He got him a Coors Light. This caused the suspect to get even angrier as he wanted a Bud Light. He - the suspect - held a sharp object to the victim's neck, and dragged it down the victim's body. He then used it to cut the victim's hand. Police were called." (emphasis supplied).

My theory is that if these folks had been drinking good beer, such as a Sprecher or a New Glarus Spotted Cow, none of this would have happened.

Note: The drinking age in Wisconsin is 21.

"Youth. (sigh)"