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Monday, March 16, 2009

What's green about the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament?

Looking at the brackets this morning for the 2009 NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament it occurred to me that during this event there may be some wearing of the green, there will definitely be some spending of the green, but there sure doesn't seem to be any going green with respect to the environment.

My team, the Wisconsin Badgers, is playing Florida State on Friday in Boise, Idaho. Yes, Idaho. There does not appear to be any concern by the tournament's organizers about the carbon footprint generated when teams from Wisconsin and Florida are sent all the way to Boise, and back. I enjoy this event and am pleased that my team gets to participate, but so much chasing around across the country seems a bit too rich in this day and age.

When planning which teams will play at what location, tournament organizers should be encouraged to consider the environmental impact of travel. The colleges and universities that participate should demand steps be taken to reduce the tournament's carbon footprint. Let's be gentle on the Earth when we can, folks.

Perhaps some resourceful environmentalist can calculate the carbon emissions generated by sending these teams, their fans and families, and local press, all on a round trip to Idaho. Here is a link to one carbon calculator by the ICAO.

Environmental concerns notwithstanding, GO BADGERS!

"Badgers? Huh? Are you talkin' to me? We're on board with the green thing."


  1. Hi Amy,

    I just watched a few games of NCAA basketball this year but I will be cheering for your Wisconsin team.

    It is nice to welcome March madness and Spring!!

  2. Khaled, Glad to know you'll be a Badger fan on Friday! And thanks for the reminder that Friday is the first day of spring; daffodils and tulips will be here soon (I hope!!).