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Monday, April 13, 2009

Everything Old is New Again: Today's Right Wing Supports Book Burning

The last post here discussed banned books, which ties in neatly with what's happening today on the politically conservative side of politics in the U.S.

As you may know, Fox News, lobbyists, out-of-power Republican members of Congress with time on their hands, and the right-wingers in our population - including neo-Nazis and secessionists - are getting ready to whoop it up at so-called "tea party protests" on April 15.

These folks do not like President Obama. Use your own experience and knowledge of these people to reach a conclusion as to why this is so.

With respect to taxes and the programs they support, it's not clear what government programs these protesters won't support: national defense, our men and women in uniform? health care for senior citizens? education? Oh, yes. It's likely education, don't you think? And according to Huffington Post, at a recent event one protester even shouted out that old chestnut, "burn the books."

How 13th century.

Push back, friends. Support publication and reading of controversial writing. Meet speech with speech: don't let what these people say go unchallenged. Instead, write letters to newspapers, call or email radio programs, and talk to your neighbors. Flex your First Amendment muscles.

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