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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The NYT This Morning

First, become alarmed about the Taliban's continuing surge into Pakistan. Personally, I'm tired of the Taliban. Why can't they engage in something productive like getting a good education and then pursuing advancements in science, technology, or the arts?

Second, become alarmed about the tussle that will surround achieving computer system security (computers that run the military, the financial industry (such as it is), that support intergovernmental communication and so on).

This article has the quote of the morning: “One of the things that I’m looking at is establishing a sub-unified command at Stratcom for cyber,” (Defense Secretary Robert M.) Gates said. Well, if a "sub-unified command at Stratcom for cyber" will do the job, I'm for it.

Third, check out Gail Collins' column "Forgive and Forget", in which she asks whether it is time for New Yorkers to forgive Eliot Spitzer. After all, she writes, there are other things to do such as figuring out "what to do with the federal judge [Jay S. Bybee of the Ninth Circuit] who approved the memo specifying the number of insects you could throw into a box with an arachnophobic suspected terrorist."

Maybe there is a bright side here: With what we know now about Judge Bybee's legal thinking, lawyers practicing criminal defense may at last have a reason to be glad that the federal sentencing guidelines are in place.

With the paper read, I'm now in the correct mood to read the first quarter 401(k) statements that arrived in the mail recently.