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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shuffle Off to Buffalo

Buffalo. The Queen City. Home to some fabulous architecture, including a number of Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings. Several of these are pictured below.

If you go to Buffalo, and you should, you will find good food, amazing museums, a great independent book store, nearby Niagara Falls, and lots to do. (The children, incidentally, are all extremely well educated.)

Until the time you make your trip to the Queen City, check out Too Close to the Falls. Too Close to the Falls is a delightful memoir by Catherine Gildiner about her years growing up in Lewiston, N.Y. in the 1950s. Lewiston is a short drive from Buffalo. This is a very enjoyable book. Thanks again to the Buffalo Gal who gave it to us to read.

Now, is everyone humming the tune which ends ". . . and dance by the light of the moon"?

Wright's Fontana Boathouse

The Davidson House.

Blue-Sky Mausoleum, above and below.

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  1. Amy, Thanks for the recognition for Talking Leaves book store. It is a treasured part of the neighborhood. By the way, those well educated children love visitors to this city.