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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Abstain: "Dog on It" by Spencer Quinn

Into each reader's life some clunker-books must fall. Dog on It is a clunker that fell into mine.

The novel is narrated by a dog named Chet. In my opinion, this was not successfully executed. For example, the book opens with the reader learning that Chet has to pee, his favorite tree for doing so, and so on. This is content that I am not interested in reading.

Chet and his master, private investigator Bernie Little, look into the disappearance of a 15-year old girl. Sadly, Bernie is not interesting enough to redeem the book. He is both down on his luck and bereft of style or charm. No Travis McGee is he.

Perhaps the story-narrated-by-dog genre is one that I'm just not suited for, as I also did not enjoy The Art of Racing in the Rain.

As for Dog on It, I have to again say that life is short and there is a big, wide world of excellent books out there to read before turning to this one.

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