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Friday, July 31, 2009

Memo to the White House

TO: Rahm Emanuel
White House Chief of Staff.

FR: Amy S. Dixon,
Taxpayer, Citizen, Voter.

RE: Beer with the President.

Congratulations on the completion of the first Beer with the President event (hereinafter BWTP). Given the success of this evening, I am anticipating that you will want to duplicate it in the future. Accordingly, I respectfully request your consideration as someone to be invited to a similar event.

I hope that you will not make arrest by, or conflict with, law enforcement a precondition to an invitation to BWTP. Frankly, it would generate a lot of paperwork for me. Perhaps the law enforcement aspect of the discussion could be expanded to what the Administration is doing with respect to beefing-up federal regulatory enforcement (i.e. enforcement of environmental regulations, enforcement of regulations protecting working folks, changes at the SEC (if any), etc.). This could be an opportunity to showcase the good stuff that is now happening under this President. Alternatively, I like to discuss First Amendment issues, so perhaps that could be on the agenda.

On the issue of who to else to invite, I want to note that although my husband's father was a police officer, there are also firefighters in the Dixon Family background. Accordingly, could I bring a firefighter to the BWTP instead of a police officer? I hate to generalize because hurtful, wrongful, illegal generalizations are the basis of the inauguration of BWTP, but I have to say that firefighters as a group are typically a lot of fun and great to have at parties.

If invited, I propose to bring some real Wisconsin beer for everyone to enjoy. This will avoid some of the controversy that arose for the first BWTP and promote the products of my home state.

Further, although I understand the President drank Bud Light, I propose we avoid light beer. In Wisconsin, light beer is consumed for one of two reasons: It serves as either the equivalent to asking for a glass of water (refreshing after a round of golf), or it is consumed by people who intend to drink beer continuously for 8 to 12 hours on "game day" (Packers / Brewers / Badgers, etc). Since there will likely be time to have just one beer with the President, let's enjoy some good stuff such as a delicious Spotted Cow. Can the White House provide peanuts in the shell and popcorn? It's traditional.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.

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