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Friday, September 11, 2009

"Esquire Drinks" by David Wondrich.

It's the weekend, everyone is back in town, and social events are stacked-up. If you are entertaining this weekend, or looking ahead to fall dinners, football gatherings, or even - dare I say it - holiday events, check out Esquire Drinks for inspiration during the cocktail hour or for drinks after dinner.

David Wondrich begins Esquire Drinks with a short look at the history of cocktails and advice on mixology. Then he sets down recipes for the classics, from Old Fashioneds and martinis to highballs, punches and toddies. Each recipe is accompanied by an informative and often amusing little bio.

Important rules are scattered throughout the book such as "Rule #564: Never have more than three cocktails," and "Rule #387: After three cocktails, switch to Highballs." The book's jazzy artwork and photos set a fun mood.

Who among us would not like to be able to offer our guests a Brainstorm, a perfect Sidecar, or a Vera Rush? Check out Esquire Drinks for these and more.

And of course, if you imbibe, do not drive.

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