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Friday, September 18, 2009

Fashion Week Reads

Even though the 2009 edition of Fashion Week in New York is over, interest in looking stylish continues. For the fashion-minded reader on a budget, NPR suggests a few books:
  • Diana Vreeland.

Check out for the rationale behind each of these picks.

I'd add to this list Style Evolution by Kendall Farr. Farr's book provides useful advice for selecting clothing that makes one look stylish, not foolish. Because after all, a frugal purchase is not a bargain if you don't look nice in it.


  1. DV is one of the most inspired reads! Her life in fashion - first as a clotheshorse, brilliant fashion editor and her final act at the Met's Costume Institute is a window into a world that no longer exists. We've lost her brand of style in our culture.

  2. Thanks, Kendall. Will definitely check out DV based upon your recommendation. Your own book is fabulous!