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Monday, November 9, 2009

Author Jonathan Safran Does Not Like Factory Farms. I Don't Like Them Either.

"Treat me right."

Everything about factory farming disgusts me. And with respect to factory chickens, it is beyond disgusting (to call them "factory 'raised' chickens" is just a gross misrepresentation). The LA Times talked with author Jonathan Safran about his investigation of factory farms. Check out the interview here.

After you've read the article, check out Safran's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which is an excellent novel about a unique nine-year-old boy, Oskar, searching New York for the lock that matches a key left by his father, who was killed in the September 11 attacks.

And consider eating meat at most once a day, not at every meal. It would be better for everyone. (Check out also this episode of Bones in which a human is murdered at a chicken factory. Details of the factory "experience" are provided.)

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