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Monday, November 16, 2009

Music We Like: Rosanne Cash "The List"

While tooling down the highway last week, a slow, cool version of the country classic I'm Moving On came on the radio. Conversation in the car stopped. Who was performing this mesmerizing, hip version of Hank Snow's country classic?

Turns out that the song was done by Rosanne Cash on her new album The List. In Ms. Cash's version, you can actually hear the lyrics:
You were flyin' too high, for my little old sky
So I'm movin' on.
Since hearing I'm Moving On, I've listened to the rest of the The List and really enjoy it. At the moment, my favorite cut is Sea of Heartbreak, a duet with Bruce Springsteen. Also appearing on the album are Elvis Costello, Jeff Tweedy, and Rufus Wainwright

The List has a definite sound; so much so that there is a certain "sameness" to each song. Some folks might not like this, but it creates a mood - cool, country but also jazzy - that gives the entire recording a clear niche in a music collection. I like The List. I like singing along with Rosanne Cash. And this CD will definitely find its way into a few Christmas stockings this holiday.

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