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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Recommended Reading: "Death Wore White" by Jim Kelly.

Detective Inspector Peter Shaw and his partner, George Valentine, must solve three murders in this very interesting mystery by Jim Kelly, a former reporter for the Financial Times.  Shaw is a young, by-the-book D.I.  Valentine, the chain-smoking veteran, was once partnered with Shaw's father until the two men ran into trouble with a case that forced the elder Shaw into early retirement from the force, and pushedValentine's career into a downward spiral.

Now the veteran and his young supervisor are out in the cold, winter weather trying to determine how, and why, the driver of the first car in a line of eight-stranded vehicles was murdered.  There are no witnesses, and no clues as to who did the deed.  More bodies spring-up along the nearby beach, and readers are swept into a complex and engaging story in which Shaw and Valentine work to sort through the crimes.  Meanwhile, the men also must try and sort through the past:  What really happened during that last case Valentine worked with Shaw's father?

These mysteries all add up to a fine book.  Death Wore White is a pleasure to read and is a very well-plotted mystery.     


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