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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple and ATT - Unfortunately, Their Partnership Continues with the iPad.

It must be very lucrative for Apple to tie itself to ATT.  Like the iPhone, its new iPad requires ATT service for the 3G version.  However, I refuse to use ATT for wireless because neither its coverage nor its service is as good as what I currently purchase.  Accordingly, as long as the two remain tied together, Apple won't get me, or others of similar mind, as a customer for iPad or iPhone.

These are expensive luxury goods; the basic iPad costs over $600.  At these prices, shouldn't the consumer get to decide which carrier they wish to use?  We can only infer that for Apple, the revenue generated from its ATT deal trumps the wishes of consumers.

More on Apple and ATT at CNET.     

Via Slashdot:  ATT admits i-Phone service is not up to par.

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