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Thursday, August 26, 2010

E-Readers in the News: David Pogue at the NYT Looks at the Kindle 3 and the WSJ Reports on E-Reader Usage.

Amazon takes on the iPad with Kindle 3 and David Pogue at the New York Times takes a look at the state of e-reader market here.

Players in the publishing biz are measuring the impact of e-readers on consumer spending.  Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that a May 2010 study of 1,200 e-reader owners by Marketing and Research Resources, Inc. "found that 40% said they now read more than they did with print books.  Of those surveyed, 58% said they read about the same as before while 2% said they read less than before." 

The results of this study are interesting not only because of the financial implications for book sellers, but also because of the idea that this new format for books may actually create an up-tick in reading by Americans.  Decreased interest in reading books has been a concern since a 2007 study by the National Endowment for the Arts reported that Americans are spending less time doing so, and that about half of all Americans ages 18 to 24 read no books.

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