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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Audiobooks: "Still Midnight" by Denise Mina.

This week I'm doing quite a bit of driving around the state.  Fortunately, I've lucked into a terrific audiobook to enjoy while on the road.  It's called Still Midnight, written by Denise Mina and narrated by Jane MacFarlane.  Ms. MacFarlane is excellent at bringing a lot of life to the Scottish characters in Mina's novel; in fact, after a few hours of listening, I've had to resist blurting out some choice working-class phrases.

The book is about two armed men who are hired to break into a Glasgow home, snatch a man named Bob, and hold him for ransom.  The men botch the job, shooting one person mistake, and then grabbing the wrong person as hostage.  The story switches between the criminals and the Glasgow police investigating the crime.  Detective Sergeant Alex Morrow, who feels she isn't given the lead in the investigation due to sexism in the department, nonetheless finds the best clues.

Still Midnight is a good book audiobook for all of you road warriors.

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