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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kate Moss or Kate Mosse?

Yesterday Vogue named Kate Moss, the supermodel, Best Dressed Woman of the Decade.  And I have to say, how dreary must that be?  Constantly groomed like a French poodle?  Boring.

In any event, this is not about that Kate.

Kate Mosse the author has a new title available called The Winter Ghosts.  The reviews I've seen thus far of the book are mixed.  However, even the critical reviews rave about her first book, Labyrinth.  I haven't read Labyrinth but did get it today at the library.  I'll give it a read first and then consider moving on to the new book.  

Any Kate Mosse or Kate Moss fans out there?  If so, let me know your views.

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