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Friday, January 28, 2011

Movies We Like: Sundance Winner and Oscar Nominated "Winter's Bone"

Looking for a good movie to watch over this winter weekend?  Then rent or download Winter's Bone, which was nominated this week for the best-picture Oscar.  It's really good.

Winter's Bone, which won top prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, is set in the Missouri Ozarks.  Seventeen-year old Ree Dolly must track down her dad, a meth cooker.  After her dad's last arrest, he put up the family home and wooded acreage to make bond.  Now he's gone missing and Ree, her two younger siblings, and mentally ill mother face the possibility of losing everything.

The plot is suspenseful.  Filmed in the drab colors of winter, poverty and danger, Dee's determination to keep her family together and do what everyone warns her not to do - find Jessup Dolly - is a force on the screen.  And actor John Hawkes, who plays Dee's uncle, does an outstanding portrayal of a man you should fear if you are smart.

Check it out this weekend:  Winter's Bone.

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  1. AND the actress who played Ree and the actor who played her uncle,Teardrop, were justly nominated for best actress and best actor ! This is one king-hell of a great flic for a winter night at home under a blanket