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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What to Read Next: "The Dark Vineyard" by Martin Walker.

Last summer I read Martin Walker's book, Bruno, Chief of Police.  A "gentle" mystery set in a small village in rural France and featuring Police Chief Benoit Courr√©ges, or Bruno as he is know, it was a fine book.  Now it's January and, battling a winter cold, I've spent the evenings reading Walker's second book featuring Bruno, The Dark Vineyard, and what a nice book it is.

In The Dark Vineyard, the village way-of-life is threatened by arson at a secret research station and efforts by outsiders to purchase local vineyards and consolidate the holdings for mass production of wine.  Murder happens along the way and Bruno is on the case, working to solve the crimes and preserve his beloved home town.  The Dark Vineyard is one of those "happy" mysteries that have a good puzzle to provide tension, but also entertains and engages.  It's recommended reading.    

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