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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The WSJ's Terry Teachout Discusses Gilbert and Sullivan and One of My Favorite Movies: Topsy-Turvy.

A remastered version of the delightful movie Topsy-Turvy is now available.   In the Wall Street Journal, drama critic Terry Teachout uses the opportunity to discuss that movie, Gilbert and Sullivan, and a 1939 production of The Mikado which is available on DVD (and which I am going to snap-up!).  Check out Mr. Teachout's column here.


  1. And don't forget to read Terry Teachout's 2010 great book "Pops" on the life of the great Louis "Pops" Armstrong.You'll love it.

    /s/A SGTR fan

  2. Thanks for your comment SGTR! "Pops" is an excellent book about an important artist.