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Saturday, May 28, 2011

L.A. Times 2011 Summer Reading List.

Up-Date December 4, 2011:  Here is the link to the L.A. Times 2011 Holiday Book and Gift Guide.


The L.A. Times published a list of 203 books to consider for summer reading.  Check it out; it's fun to play with the web page created by the paper for this story.  Quantity does not assure quality, however, and I found this list disappointing.

What's disappointing is that the list doesn't provide us with much help in finding hidden gems to read.  For example, many of the books listed under the category "Page Turners" are by well-known writers with their own marketing machines.  You and I could have easily found the latest Lawrence Block on our own (if, for some unimaginable reason, we would want to do so).  The fiction list seems rather uninspired.  Other titles are just nonstarters - Dick Morris?  I don't think so.

Still, if you see a book on this list that you think looks good, let me know what it is and why.  I'm keeping an open mind.

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