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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Repo Man Cometh: "Ranchero" by Rick Gavin.

Up-date 11/24:  Read my review of Ranchero here.


Ranchero by Rick Gavin is being released next week.  From its description, the book looks like it might be entertaining :  Mississippi repo man Nick Reid attempts to get a flat screen t.v. back from Percy Dwayne Dubois, but instead Reid gets hit over the head, tied-up, and has his car stolen (along with the t.v. he is suppose to collect).  A road trip to track down the perp ensues.

Check out the full description of Ranchero at the link to the book, below.  And if you are looking for more stories from the world of repo, revisit the classic 1984 movie Repo Man staring Harry Dean Stanton.  It is a great, great movie.  In fact, I think I'll re-watch it this week myself!   

Repo Man - the movie.

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  1. Finished reading "Ranchero" today. Will post some thoughts on it next week.