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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Music We Like: "An Evening in the Village: The Music of Bela Bartok" by Jake Schepps and the Expedition Quartet.

Open the door to new music.

Musician Jake Schepps plays banjo.  Hungarian composer Bela Bartok (1881 - 1945) studied, collected and arranged folk music.  Bartok also wrote music with folk themes. In An Evening in the Village:  The Music of Bela Bartok, Schepps transcribes and adapts Bartok compositions for performance with a bluegrass lineup.

The recording is not a country music version of Bartok's work.  It is instead a selective number of Bartok's compositions played by banjo, violin, mandolin, guitar, and bass  - plus a cello.  (Don't you love the cello?  I do.)  There is a bluegrass vibe which sometimes bubbles, sometimes simmers, and sometimes is quiet.  The result of this translation and reinterpretation is warm and wonderful music.  

In fact, if you are assembling a holiday shopping list, put at the top of it An Evening in the Village:  The Music of Bela Bartok.  You will enjoy listening to it on snowy evenings throughout the winter. 

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