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Monday, January 2, 2012

Book Report: "Silver Lies" by Ann Parker.

I picked-up Silver Lies by Ann Parker on a bit of a whim and breezed through it over the holidays. Silver Lies is the first mystery in Parker's Silver Rush series.  I recalled reading not long ago about Parker promoting her fourth book, Mercury's Rise.  So when I chanced upon Silver Lies, I thought I'd give it a try.

Silver Lies turned out to be pleasant entertainment.  Set in 1879, in Leadville, Colorado, the protagonist is Inez Stannert.  Inez' husband is a gambler who has runoff.  She operates the Silver Queen Saloon with her remaining business partner.   After a local assayer named Joe Rose is found dead, trampled by a horse outside the saloon, Inez gets drawn into investigating the death.  Was it an accident or murder?  Parker uses Inez' investigation to show us life in Leadville when it was a mining boom-town with gambling, corruption, counterfeit currency, ladies-of-the-evening, as well as church-going families.  It was a rough-and-tumble time and Parker makes the period interesting.  

Silver Lies was fun to read.  I will definitely check into the other books in this series.      

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