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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Recommended Reading: "As the Crow Flies" by Craig Johnson.

I'm a big fan of Craig Johnson's mystery books featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire. As the Crow Flies is another great addition to the series.  As with the previous Longmire stories, As the Crow Flies hits that sweet spot, the correct mix of 1) a good story with the right level of suspense, 2) characters that are engaging, and 3) an interesting location and ambiance.

In this, the eighth book of the series, Longmire and his friend Henry Standing Bear are on the Cheyenne Reservation.  While looking for a good location to hold Longmire's daughter's wedding ceremony, they witness a young Crow woman fall off a cliff to her death.  Both men get involved with assisting the tribal police in investigating the tragedy:  is it suicide or murder?

As the Crow Flies is a very nice mystery which struck hard on one of the key elements that, for me, marks a good book: I was sorry when it was over.

Photo:  Sunset in Arizona, near the Mexican border.

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