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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chill Out With a Great Read: "Ice Cap: A Mystery" by Chris Knopf.

Here is a perfect book to read while lounging around at home or at the beach:  Ice Cap, a mystery by Chris Knopf.  Why is it perfect? Because Chris Knopf writes terrific mysteries, with snappy dialogue, interesting characters, and entertaining plots with just the right touch of suspense.

In Ice Cap it is winter in the Hamptons and the locals are getting hit hard with record-breaking snowfall.  In the middle of a snowy blast, criminal defense attorney Jackie Swaitkowski gets a call from one of her clients. The client is Franklin (Franco) Delano Raffini, a former investment banker who'd served time for killing his girlfriend's husband with a rotisserie skewer before the husband could kill Franco with a steak knife.

Franco has found his boss, Tad Buczek - who also happens to be Jackie's late husband's uncle - dead in the snow on Buczek's large estate.   If you are thinking 'heart attack in the snow', you're wrong:  When Jackie gets to the estate she sees that Buczek's skull has been crushed into a red-and-gray mash.  Who killed Tad, and why, is what Jackie investigates in Ice Cap's multi-layered plot.

Ice Cap is a good story and Jackie Swaitkowski is a great character:  smart, funny, and joyfully obsessed with her work.  This is another very good book from Chris Knopf and is highly recommended reading.  



  1. Thank you for the review. I liked the book very much.P.S. Please continue to post your lovely photos as well as good reviews.