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Friday, August 10, 2012

Another Good Addition to the Alex McKnight Mystery Series: "Die a Stranger" by Steve Hamilton.

I'm a big fan of author Steve Hamilton's mystery books featuring retired Detroit police officer Alex McKnight.  The Alex McKnight books are set in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  There Alex, who retired from the force after being shot, owns a string of cabins that he rents to tourists and hunters.  In Die a Stranger, Alex's best friend and only neighbor on the road to the cabins, Vinnie LeBlanc, goes missing.  As Alex tries to find his friend, he begins to worry that Vinnie has been caught in the cross-fire of a deadly turf war being conduct by gangs important illegal drugs from Canada.  As the search continues, things get complicated; and as always with Alex McKnight, things also get dangerous.

Die a Stranger is another exciting, entertaining Alex McKnight mystery.  If you're not familiar with the series check it out.  If you're already a fan, enjoy!


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